Guided Trail Running Tours in Colorado Springs – Experience the Pikes Peak Region

Unsure of where to run in a new area, worried about altitude, or of making the wrong turn? Leave those fears at home and go on a guided trail run! Routes are based on your experience level and with small group sizes, your miles are sure to be memorable. With three different levels of difficulty, and route options for each, you’ll be sure to find something that will challenge you without taking you too far from your comfort zone!

Tours available to book online on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays or by special appointment by calling 719-337-5311.

Due to COVID-19, and wanting to make sure you have the best experience possible, groups will be kept to under 4 people or up to 6 runners of the same party.

Group Size

Due to COVID-19, and wanting to make sure you have the best experience possible, groups will be kept to 6 runners of the same party.

Tour Length

3 hours

Activity Level

Easy to Moderate

Guided Tour

Self-Guided, Fully Supported

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What We Bring:

  • Transportation to and from the trail head.
  • First Aid Kit.
    • All of our guides are certified in Wilderness First Aid. Your safety and well-being is our top priority.
  • Water for on the way and on the way back to the shop. 
    • On the advanced runs, guides will carry a water filter, although on Pikes Peak, water refills should be accessible at the summit house.
  • Extra snacks!

What You Bring:

  • Weather appropriate clothing
    • Wear what you are comfortable running in.
      • Having a lightweight long sleeve top or a rain layer is good insurance to have on the black level runs!
  • Trail running shoes. Broken in already is best!
  • Water.
    • On the green and blue runs, bring enough water to keep you hydrated for the time length in either a handheld water bottle or hydration vest. On the black runs, bring at least 1.5 L of water.
  • Your usual running paraphernalia!
    • GPS watch, sunglasses, camera, hat, etc…


If you are an experienced runner (capable of running at least a 10k), or looking to step up to more technical trails, check out our blue level, or intermediate level runs! Blue level runs are 5-7 miles in length and have more sustained up and downhill portions. Trails feature some rocky and rooty portions, and ascend to elevations close to 9,500’. The views aren’t terrible either! These runs will take place out of North Cheyenne Canon, one of Colorado Springs’ oldest parks.


This tour begins at 7:15 am at our bike shop in Old Colorado City (Colorado Springs). From there will be drive you to the trailhead to bring your guided run.

TOUR Duration:

Approximately 3 hours






Green level runs are the mellowest of the three guided route options we offer. They are best for runners that are new to trail running and are comfortable running at least 4 miles. Routes will be from 4-6 miles and hosted in Garden of the Gods or Ute Valley Park. They are at a lower elevation than our other levels and feature no long ascents or descents. You can expect some rocky terrain, but nothing too technical, but the scenery will be killer! 


Approximately 1-2 hours


Easy to moderate


Easy-active to moderate


Pikes Peak or Bust! These advanced rated runs will get you into the subalpine and alpine zones up Pikes Peak or Mount Rosa. If you are capable of running at least 10 miles comfortably and really want a challenge, then look no further! These routes will take you above 11,000-14,000’, have long sustained up and downhill sections, and portions of technical trail. While there is no big drop offs on Pikes Peak, expect a small boulder field and some cold weather, even in the summer. These routes are perfect if you are an ultra runner traveling through on vacation, or training for a high altitude race!


Half a day (6 hours)





Currently we are rolling out our new guided trail running experiences and offering 50% off on our blue level runs this offer is good through 2020.


BLUE $100 Special Pricing thru 2020 – $50/person