Scott Graham – Director of Operations

Years as a PPBT employee: 8

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Scott is responsible for the daily operations of PPBT – from scheduling guides, fitting guests on a bike, and assigning the vans to a tour. He even turns on and off the lights.

I am a Colorado man in every way who loves all that the mountains offer. As the Director of Operations I genuinely enjoy making sure every guest has a world class experience. I most enjoy teaching new cyclist how to ride a bike, seeing their faces light up is very rewarding. I have always been involved in the bike industry and have also had professional stints as a behavior scientist, a teacher and a stand up comic. My favorite sport to watch in the world is college wrestling.

Favorite PPBT tour and why? Bike Gold Camp is my favorite tour. I love this tour first and foremost because Gold Camp has been my passion throughout my tenure at PPBT. I love the scenery, the freedom and the sensation that the mountain is all yours. I always say if you want to have a genuine Colorado mountain biking experience then Gold Camp is your ticket.

Favorite M&M flavor: Peanut Butter

Kali Bell – Safety Officer 

Kali is responsible for all safety processes and procedures at PPBT.  Kali has developed a more effective emergency response plan as well as improved safety protocols that will ensure each guide is fully equipped to respond to any situation. 

Kali is a genuine Colorado girl that loves the backcountry and is very good on a snowboard.  She has a passion for safety as well as providing a world-class guest experience. She is a licensed EMT and has been the primary guide for the Pikes Peak tour since 2017. She takes a strong safety first approach and is quick to act should an emergency arise. Kali was born to be a Colorado guide and the guests absolutely adore her.  

Wes Moskalski – Training Coordinator

Wes has been training our guides since 2018 and will take on additional guide training responsibilities with his new role as the Training Coordinator for PPBT.

Wes is an avid snowboarder and skateboarder who spends his winters doing emergency rescues in the Colorado backcountry. He has worked as a guide for PPBT since 2017 and is an excellent mountain bike guide.  Wes is a great leader and really cares about the guests and the guides he works with.

Korde Broker – Lead Guide/Jack of All

Nickname: HardKorde, a play on “Hardcore”

Years as a PPBT employee: 1

Hometown: Denver, CO

Korde can do just about anything. When he’s not guiding you find him wrenching on bikes or one of our vans.

As a native Coloradan, “there’s no place like home,” and I’m not just saying that. I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran. Just like many service members you get travel the world, so did I. During my enlistment, I’ve seen the Rock of Gibraltar, been through the Suez Canal 4 times and explored parts of Europe and the Middle East. I was stationed at MCAS Beaufort, SC and went to boot camp at MCRD San Diego. After all that, Colorado is my choice. Colorado has everything, minus the ocean. I’m a fresh water fish. Cycling to me is freedom and focus. When you ride a bicycle, that’s the only thing you can be doing. It’s my meditation. I am a father of two, one girl and one boy, and I’ve known my wife since 2006 and been married since 2010. I am a mechanic at heart and really enjoy helping anywhere I can.

Favorite PPBT tour and why? Pikes Peak is my favorite! I’ve lived here my whole life, the mountains are “normal to me, like the ocean is the coastal people. Bringing adventure seekers from around the world to top of a 14’er, I get to see their unfiltered smiles of amazement. Then talking a little science about the altitude and physical effects before hopping on some bikes and going down a highway, coasting for miles, with epic views…. That’s a good day in my book.

Favorite M&M flavor: Peanut

Morgan Youngblood – Lead Guide

Years as a PPBT employee: 1

Hometown: Colorado Springs

I moved to Colorado Springs when I was in middle school and immediately fell in love with the mountains. Biking was always a pleasant pastime as a kid and the extensive trail systems Colorado Springs provided me with a constant escape from the anxieties of life. My passion is to provide others with the thrill and beauty of riding in the mountains. My guiding career started in 2016 in Kona, HI guiding kayaking tours and I’ve been loving facilitating outdoor experiences ever since.

Favorite PPBT tour and why? There was a family from Minnesota I took on a Gold Camp tour a few years ago. The brother and sister had been commuting the whole year on road bikes but had never pedaled on dirt before. Toward the beginning of the tour, I could tell they were a bit uneasy on the loose gravel but when I met up with them toward the middle of the ride, they were hopping rocks and totally comfortable at speed. Being a part of that experience was awesome and I loved connecting with this amazing family as they challenged themselves to adventure in Colorado.

Favorite M&M flavor: Peanut Butter

Kelsie Selch – Lead Guide/R&D

Years as a PPBT employee: 3

Hometown: Avon, Indiana

I fell in love with mountain biking and dove headfirst into this crazy sport. Sharing this passion is something I really enjoy about bike tours. I am also a bicycle mechanic, so I can confidently fix bikes in the stand and on the trail!

Favorite PPBT tour and why? All of the tours are really cool! It is hard to pick a favorite because they each have their own flare. The gold camp is really great because you get to have a private ride down an incredible dirt road with the greatest views. I took my mom on this trip!

When she’s not out leading a tour or wrenching on a bike, Kelsie is brainstorming and developing new offerings for PPBT. Stay tuned…

Favorite M&M flavor: Peanut Butter

Nathalie Clericy – Guest Wrangler

Years as a PPBT employee: 2 seasons

Hometown: Colorado Springs

When Scott is not around, you’ll find Nathalie at the desk. She loves our guests and wants each to have a memorable experience.

I love CO for the outdoors and the massive views, the snow I could do without *gasp!* When I’m in the trees I’m in my moment; everything disappears, I forget why I was upset, I smell the dirt, I hear my heart beating on the climbs I love and the descents that make me have to focus I feel my pulse racing and the wheels turning and the bike responding to whatever I throw at it. The bugs in my teeth from my ear to ear smile are an added little bonus 🙂 I have an uncanny ability to not get lost in the backcountry, but don’t take my gps from me in town!

Favorite PPBT tour and why? Gold Camp would have to be my favorite because it’s in the dirt. I booked a lady once who didn’t want to go by herself and since I wasn’t working that day I went up with her. It started raining and then hailing and pouring so hard we were soaked, but we laughed the whole way back. That was a great ride I’ll never forget, she was so much fun!

Favorite M&M flavor: Peanut

Austin Bruce – Mechanic/Guide

Nickname: Bruce the Moose

Years as a PPBT employee: 2

Hometown: Colorado Springs

My favorite thing about Colorado is probably just the mountains because I love downhill mountain biking and then hunting is another one of my favorite hobbies along with biking. The thing I love the most about biking is challenging myself with hard trails and racing. I’m one of the top racers in Colorado for cross country biking and then I do a lot of Enduro races during the summer and I’m working on scholarships for racing.

Favorite PPBT tour and why? My favorite tour is the gold camp tour because it’s more in the mountain than Pikes peaks and you just get go experience more Colorado terrain and the tourist love this tour because of how deep you feel in the mountains so it just makes a great experience.

Favorite M&M flavor: Carmel

Brooks Salgado – Guide

Nickname: Moose tracks

Years as a PPBT employee: 1

Hometown: Jamestown, CO

Brooks is almost a Colorado native. He moved from Mexico to Colorado in 1999 and has grew up in the mountains near Boulder, CO. He loves exploring and adventuring out in nature especially on his mountain bike. It was through mountain biking that Brooks first grew a passion for the natural world and bringing others out to enjoy and appreciate nature like he does. Brooks enjoys learning new skills like fly fishing, making smoothies, and pen spinning. Also, if you happen to have a soccer ball with you on your tour ask him to do a few tricks for you 😉

Favorite PPBT tour and why? Brooks’ favorite PPTB tour is Bike Pikes Peak. This tour is special to him because the majestic views never get old on top of Pikes Peak and he gets to meet and spend time learning about the amazing customers from around the country and world. He also enjoys never losing to customers who attempt to race Brooks up the one ‘little’ hill on the tour.

Favorite M&M flavor: Carmel

Jeff Noland – Guide

Nickname: Jeff

Years as a PPBT employee: 1 season

Hometown: Colorado Springs

The weather is incredible! Biking works for me as a additional physical activity to stay in shape in conjunction with the weekly gym but why work out inside? I’ve been in sales, customer service and non profit development for over 30 years. The opportunity to build relationship with the customer over a few hours is critical. Anybody can rent bikes but when people are on vacation they want a guided experience with someone friendly and truly interested in their family!

Favorite PPBT tour and why? A family of five from Kansas were first time visitors to Colorado. Each member of the family were at different levels of ability but everyone had fun! As I got to know the Dad and Mom a level of trust with their children followed so that I could interact with each of them. People want to be safe and have a Colorado experience!

Favorite M&M flavor: Almond

Mike Saunier – Guide

Years as a PPBT employee: 1

Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky

Retired university professor. Long-time Colorado Springs resident. Avid cyclist. I love the many cycling opportunities Colorado Springs offers: great road routes, challenging mountain bike trails, and endless gravel bike adventures. I’m a graphic and web design specialist with skills in brand-building. I’m an experienced photographer who loves teaching new skills to amateur photographers. I’m also a pickleball player, and I teach pickleball lessons to beginners.

Favorite PPBT tour and why? Garden of the Gods. I appreciate the opportunity to share our great park and its history with the visitors to our city who are looking for a unique outdoor adventure.

Favorite M&M flavor: Peanut