Scott Graham – Director of Operations

Years as a PPBT employee: 8

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Scott is responsible for the daily operations of PPBT – from scheduling guides, fitting guests on a bike, and assigning the vans to a tour. He even turns on and off the lights.

I am a Colorado man in every way who loves all that the mountains offer. As the Director of Operations I genuinely enjoy making sure every guest has a world class experience. I most enjoy teaching new cyclist how to ride a bike, seeing their faces light up is very rewarding. I have always been involved in the bike industry and have also had professional stints as a behavior scientist, a teacher and a stand up comic. My favorite sport to watch in the world is college wrestling.

Favorite PPBT tour and why? Bike Gold Camp is my favorite tour. I love this tour first and foremost because Gold Camp has been my passion throughout my tenure at PPBT. I love the scenery, the freedom and the sensation that the mountain is all yours. I always say if you want to have a genuine Colorado mountain biking experience then Gold Camp is your ticket.

Favorite M&M flavor: Peanut Butter

Kali Bell – Safety Officer 

Years as PPBT employee: 4

Kali is responsible for all safety processes and procedures at PPBT.  Kali has developed a more effective emergency response plan as well as improved safety protocols that will ensure each guide is fully equipped to respond to any situation. 

Kali is a genuine Colorado girl that loves the backcountry and is very good on a snowboard.  She has a passion for safety as well as providing a world-class guest experience. She is a licensed EMT and has been the primary guide for the Pikes Peak tour since 2017. She takes a strong safety first approach and is quick to act should an emergency arise. Kali was born to be a Colorado guide and the guests absolutely adore her.  

Wes Moskalski – Training Coordinator

Years as PPBT employee: 4

Home town: Joplin, MO

Wes has been training our guides since 2018 and will take on additional guide training responsibilities with his new role as the Training Coordinator for PPBT.

Wes is an avid snowboarder and skateboarder who spends his winters doing emergency rescues in the Colorado backcountry. He has worked as a guide for PPBT since 2017 and is an excellent mountain bike guide.  Wes is a great leader and really cares about the guests and the guides he works with.

Favorite M&M flavor: Can’t decide – I like them all.

Korde Broker – Service Manager/Lead Guide

Nickname: HardKorde, a play on “Hardcore”

Years as a PPBT employee: 2

Hometown: Denver, CO

Korde can do just about anything. When he’s not guiding you find him wrenching on bikes or one of our vans.

As a native Coloradan, “there’s no place like home,” and I’m not just saying that. I am a United States Marine Corps Veteran. Just like many service members you get travel the world, so did I. During my enlistment, I’ve seen the Rock of Gibraltar, been through the Suez Canal 4 times and explored parts of Europe and the Middle East. I was stationed at MCAS Beaufort, SC and went to boot camp at MCRD San Diego. After all that, Colorado is my choice. Colorado has everything, minus the ocean. I’m a fresh water fish. Cycling to me is freedom and focus. When you ride a bicycle, that’s the only thing you can be doing. It’s my meditation. I am a father of two, one girl and one boy, and I’ve known my wife since 2006 and been married since 2010. I am a mechanic at heart and really enjoy helping anywhere I can.

Favorite PPBT tour and why? Pikes Peak is my favorite! I’ve lived here my whole life, the mountains are “normal to me, like the ocean is the coastal people. Bringing adventure seekers from around the world to top of a 14’er, I get to see their unfiltered smiles of amazement. Then talking a little science about the altitude and physical effects before hopping on some bikes and going down a highway, coasting for miles, with epic views…. That’s a good day in my book.

Favorite M&M flavor: Peanut

Morgan Youngblood – Business Development/Lead Guide

Years as a PPBT employee: 2

Hometown: Colorado Springs

I moved to Colorado Springs when I was in middle school and immediately fell in love with the mountains. Biking was always a pleasant pastime as a kid and the extensive trail systems Colorado Springs provided me with a constant escape from the anxieties of life. My passion is to provide others with the thrill and beauty of riding in the mountains. My guiding career started in 2016 in Kona, HI guiding kayaking tours and I’ve been loving facilitating outdoor experiences ever since.

Favorite PPBT tour and why? There was a family from Minnesota I took on a Gold Camp tour a few years ago. The brother and sister had been commuting the whole year on road bikes but had never pedaled on dirt before. Toward the beginning of the tour, I could tell they were a bit uneasy on the loose gravel but when I met up with them toward the middle of the ride, they were hopping rocks and totally comfortable at speed. Being a part of that experience was awesome and I loved connecting with this amazing family as they challenged themselves to adventure in Colorado.

Favorite M&M flavor: Peanut Butter

Lydia KilpelaGuide/Tour Development

Nickname:  (Still looking for a good one)

Years as a PPBT employee: 1

Hometown: Cokato, MN

When not guiding daily rides, Lydia is developing, planning logistics for, and guiding multi day trips for PPBT in central Colorado. Look for these tour to be widely available in early 2021.

I’ve been a Colorado resident on and off since I was 1 year old. From climbing opportunities, to backpacking excursions and rad bike trails, I like to take advantage of the Colorado nature. I used to downhill bike. I enjoy the speed and pushing boundaries. I’m working on building my mountain biking skills now. I enjoy working with people, and pursue art and photography on the side.

Favorite PPBT tour and why? My favorite Bike Tour is Pike’s Peak. The tour incorporates so much information about the surrounding area and we often see neat wildlife. It’s nice to spend the entire tour hands on with the customers. I love knowing what brings people to this area!

Favorite M&M flavor: I don’t do M&Ms


Kate ModzelewskiGuide (Biking and Trail Running)/Tour Development

Nickname:  (Still looking for a good one)

Years as a PPBT employee: 1

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

In addition to being an excellent bike tour guide, Kate is busy developing, planning logistics for and guiding trailing running tours for PPBT. Look for a full slate of trail running tours to be available in 2021.

5 years ago I moved to CO with the intent on going to school for nutrition or opening up a local running store, but boy do plans change! They say ‘if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes’, but here you can also drive two hours and ski almost any month of the year! Or do any world class route you want to do that day on foot, bike or climb. I am a runner too, but one of the things that cycling does for me is covering more ground in the same amount of time! And of course meeting people just as wild, and passionate about our trails and open spaces. One of my goals is to complete all the trails on The Pikes Peak Atlas by my own power, there is no shortage of local adventure here in the Pikes Peak area! My special skills are being able to recall most South Park episodes and not being able to take naps.

Favorite PPBT tour and why?  Gold Camp is fun, but Pikes Peak holds a special place in my heart! It seems like a simple drive but there is over 100 years of history on that road and it really is a engineering marvel. I love that people chose to spend part of their vacation here to experience it by bike, but did you know there is also skiing, fishing, kayaking, trail running, climbing and ice climbing to be done on the mountain too?.

Favorite M&M flavor: Milk Chocolate

Ivy C Johnson – Guide

Nickname: Ivey Divey

Years as a PPBT employee: 1

Hometown: Upland, CO

Although this is Ivy’s first year at PPBT, she already acts like a savvy veteran. Ivy is definitely a guest favorite and can lead any tour!

I am originally from California, but moved to Colorado Springs as soon as I could. I fell in love with the wildlife, trails, people, and completed firefighting school in this beautiful state. I spend most of my time playing drums, biking, reading, and painting. I started biking when I was a teenager and did it for about two years, I’m just getting back into mountain biking and I’m loving every second of it!

Favorite PPBT tour and why? My favorite bike tour is a tie between Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods. Both tours have spectacular views, lots of fast downhills, and great picture stops.

Favorite M&M flavor: Peanut Butter

Katelyn LoterbauerGuide

Years as a PPBT employee: 1

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

I grew up in Colorado Springs, and went to college in Durango, CO where I learned to mountain bike in 2010 on some world class trails! After college I moved to Jackson Hole, WY for a couple years. I decided Jackson Hole was too cold, so I moved to Moab, UT. In Moab I guided for a company that led multi-day fully supported backcountry mountain bike trips in 14 different states in the west. After that I went to massage school and moved home to Colorado Springs with a newfound appreciation for OUR world class trails and all the adventure they have to offer. Plus, you can’t beat our perfect southern Colorado sunshine and weather! Biking has taken me all over the country and become my favorite reason to travel and explore new areas. I mean…. what else do you do on vacation?! My personal motto is – It’s always better on two wheels.

Favorite PPBT tour and why?  Gold Camp is so fun and my favorite PPBT tour! I love how we don’t have to travel far from town to access such a long and fun ride. It’s great to inspire confidence in any skill level, and the views are top shelf! Our guests get back to the shop with huge smiles ready to do it again.

Favorite M&M flavor:  Peanut Butter

Austin Bruce – Mechanic/Guide

Nickname:  Bruce the Moose

Years as a PPBT employee: 3

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

My favorite thing about Colorado is probably just the mountains because I love downhill mountain biking and then hunting is another one of my favorite hobbies along with biking. The thing I love the most about biking is challenging myself with hard trails and racing. I’m one of the top racers in Colorado for cross country biking and then I do a lot of Enduro races during the summer and I’m working on scholarships for racing.

Favorite PPBT tour and why? My favorite tour is the gold camp tour because it’s more in the mountains than Pikes Peaks and you just get go experience more Colorado terrain and the tourist love this tour because of how deep you feel in the mountains so it just makes a great experience.

Favorite M&M flavor: Carmel


Joel Roscamp – Mechanic/Guide

Years as PPBT Employee 1

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

I’m a born and raised Coloradan, I’ve been riding mountain bikes for as long as I can remember. From this I have grown to love both the sport and Colorado because of the extensive variety of trails and the constant opportunities to advance my riding.

Favorite PPBT tour and why?  The Gold Camp tour is my favorite because not only is it a great scenic ride but I love having the opportunity to converse with the customers on the exciting drive up.

Favorite M&M flavor:  Carmel

Katie ReganGuide

Years as a PPBT employee: 1

Hometown: Sebastopol, California

Colorado is beautiful and the community is so inclusive! I love riding; I love that there are always new trails and features to explore and conquer (hopefully!), new skills to practice, and new friends to make. When not riding or enjoying the outdoors, I wrangle 9th Grade English students and read lots of non-fiction.

Favorite PPBT tour and why? My favorite PPBT tour is Gold Camp! I love North Cheyenne Canon for its scenery, history, and fun riding, and want to make sure others get to experience it too.

Favorite M&M flavor: Peanut


Jace Stephens – Mechanic/Guide/Photographer

Years as a PPBT employee: 1

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

I was a military brat that bounced around a lot. My family landed in Colorado and never wanted to leave! I love Colorado because it is the Mecca for outdoor adventure sports!! I love mountain biking because it is a complete adrenalin rush that never gets old!!

Favorite PPBT tour and why? My favorite tour is intro to mountain biking! I love this tour because it introduces people to the great sport of mountain biking and gives me the opportunity to teach people about a hobby I love!!!

Favorite M&M flavor: Peanut Butter

Nate Scott- Guide

Nick Name: NateDawg

Years as a PPBT employee: 2

Hometown: Many

Predominantly a Midwest guy, my family and I moved to the Springs from Illinois three years ago and currently live in Green Mountain Falls. We enjoy many alpine activities together, particularly hiking and skiing/boarding. I fell in love with the mountains when visiting the Pikes Peak region in junior high, and started biking seriously about 14 years ago. What I love about biking is the freedom, independence, quality of exercise, and possibilities for adventure it provides. I am currently completing Wilderness First Aid certification and really enjoy being with guests who are in the happy place of vacation!

Favorite PPBT tour and why? Pikes Peak is my favorite tour. We regularly have guests who are nervous about the ride and I enjoy guiding them through those nerves as we descend. A truly unique experience, Pikes Peak never disappoints!

Favorite M&M flavor: Peanut

Logan Hannon- Guide

Nick Name: GoGo

Years as a PPBT employee: 1

Hometown: Mahomet, IL

Moving from Illinois here was a no brainer! From cornfields to the mountains was a easy move for me. Colorado for me is where my happiness is blowing up! For anyone that is considering coming here, DO IT, this place is magical, trust the Illinois kid, I didn’t move here to just move here! Biking for me was very minimal in Illinois. Coming here and meeting the great staff here, I now have a new love for this great sport! I am a past college athlete! I played College golf and hockey, so if anyone wants to play, y’all know where to find me!

Favorite PPBT tour and why? First off my favorite PPTB tour is Gold camp, the drive up with the customers is the best! I love getting to know the great customers coming in and figuring out where they are from! For me, I love finding people that are from around my area! If y’all are from Illinois, come on by, let us show you why I love this place! Pikes Peak for some people may feel intimidating at first. Don’t be afraid, we got you!! Being up on top of the mountain gosh, It makes you feel small! I believe y’all will love it!

Favorite M&M flavor: I don’t do M&Ms

Kelton Thulin- Guide

Nick Name: Fonzie

Years as a PPBT employee: 1

Hometown: Pine, CO

I love the balance between city and mountains in Colorado, leaving tons of options for activities. Being on a bike gives me a sense of freedom and joy coasting through Colorado’s great mountains. I spend most of my time outdoors, so I know what to expect and I know a thing or two about riding techniques.

Favorite PPBT tour and why? The Pikes Peak tour is one of my favorites! Being able to bike down America’s mountain Is truly a breathtaking experience.

Favorite M&M flavor: Milk Chocolate

Spencer Peet- Guide

Nick Name: Risky Shifts

Years as a PPBT employee: 1

Hometown: Beavercreek, OH

I moved to Colorado to be a snowboard bum and worked on the terrain park crew at Vail resort. When a coworker introduced me to mountain biking I was hooked. It was a new way to experience the mountains. Now I try to ride a bike as much as possible. My last job was driving semi trucks, but i like driving tour vans full of bikers alot more.

Favorite PPBT tour and why? My favorite tour is Pikes Peak. I enjoy it because every trip feels like a real journey. On the drive up we point to the summit 8000 feet above. Then the views and the climate change as we make out way up the mountain. Near the top we see wind twisted trees, big horn sheep and marmots. I like pointing out sites on the horizon like Denver and Colorado’s tallest peaks. It’s really cool to share the experience of being at the top of a mountain with so many people! Then its time for the best part…the bike ride down! COWABUNGA!

Favorite M&M flavor: Peanut Butter

The Suburban – Bike Pikes Peak/Limited Gold Camp

Years as a PPBT transporter: Just Arrived!

The Suburban is so new to PPBT that he doesn’t have a name yet. I’m sure one of our creative guides will come up with something soon. With heated AND cooled seats your ride to the drop off will be almost perfect.

Favorite M&M flavor: If he could eat M&Ms, I think The Suburban would like the pairing of Dark Chocolate with his plush leather seats!

Silver Bullet – Bike Pikes Peak 

Years as a PPBT transporter: 1

Silver Bullet is the newest van to our fleet – joining in Spring of 2020.  As she is new to PPBT, we don’t know much about her personality, but she has been rock solid  so far. Our Pikes Peak guides refuse to let anyone take her up the rough bouncy road to Gold Camp Rd. They like to keep her clean so they may ask you to take off your shoes before entering.

Favorite M&M flavor: If a van could eat M&Ms, I think she like the smooth taste of Peanut Butter.

Aunt Sophie – Bike Pikes Peak 

Years as a PPBT transporter: 3

Everyone has an Aunt that so reliable that you might take her for granted. Well we try not to take Aunt Sophie for granted. She has been up and down Pikes Peak over 500 times. She can almost drive it herself.

Favorite M&M flavor: If a van could eat M&Ms,  Aunt Sophie is plain but reliable – just like Milk Chocolate m&ms.

Sledgehammer – Bike Gold Camp

Years as a PPBT transporter: 3

You may have heard that the road up to the Gold Camp drop off can be a bit rough. Some guests tell us the ride in the van is almost as much fun as the bike ride. Sledgehammer hammers out all the rocks, ruts and wash boards on the road. (Ok – not really but he will get you to the top!)

Favorite M&M flavor: If a van could eat M&Ms,  Sledgehammer is a bit unique just like Hazelnut m&ms.

Hulk Smash – Bike Gold Camp

Years as a PPBT transporter: 4

Hulk Smash used to be our best van. Then one day our Director of Ops was driving down an alley and did not see a pole sticking out of a truck. It actually looked like the Hulk smashed the van. (Please don’t ask Scott about the accident – he still has nightmares about it). On the bright side, this van has the best AC in the fleet – bring a sweater!

Favorite M&M flavor: If a van could eat M&Ms,  everyone know the Hulk only eats green food so Mint Chocolate it is!

Tetanus – All tours

Years as a PPBT transporter: 6

Tetanus gets her name due to a little surface rust – structurally she is solid. If you find yourself riding in Tetanus, it means we are really busy.

Favorite M&M flavor: If a van could eat M&Ms, without a doubt Tetanus would pick Caramel!

Grandpa – retired

Years as a PPBT transporter: 8

Grandpa has been the most reliable van we’ve owned. Yet his best days are in the past. Today you will find him sitting in the parking lot looking over the fleet – making sure they are doing it the right way. If the wind is blowing just right, it look as if he is rocking in a chair.

Favorite M&M flavor: Grandpa doesn’t have the teeth for anything crunchy!