Get back outside with our Personal Mountain Bike Training

Hop in the saddle with us for a personal mountain bike training experience. Our expert instructors tailor the activity based on your group’s skill level – from those who have never ridden a trail to the riders who want to enhance their mountain biking skills – we will create a memorable experience. We cover everything you need to know from safety and trail etiquette to navigating technical terrain. The setting for our courses are hand-picked to develop the specific skills and techniques your group is looking to practice. We will meet you at one of our three beautiful locations (Garden of the Gods, Palmer Park, or Ute Valley Park) with everything you need for a successful ride.

MTB 101

Our Intro to Mountain Biking Course is a hands-on, beginner friendly mountain biking training. We will cover the basics of safety and preparedness along with a proper pre-ride inspection and essential riding techniques in a level, open, and fall safe environment. Once you’re ready, we’ll hit the trails using natural dynamics to practice shifting, braking,

ascending and descending as well as navigating moderately technical terrain. This course will be hosted in Garden of the Gods where you can enjoy mild slopes and the scenic beauty of natural features here.

Tour Time: Approximately 2 hours

Skill Level: Easy to Moderate

Fitness Level: Easy-Active to Moderate

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MTB 201

Our Intermediate Mountain Bike Course is geared for the riders who want to build up their confidence and attack more serious terrain. We cover more advanced skills such as proper cornering, front wheel lift, technical climbs and riding drops. We chose to host this course in Palmer Park for its variety of snaking, technical trails. Upgrading to our full suspension 2020 Cannondale Habit for this ride is highly recommended.

Tour Time: Approximately 2 hours

Skill Level:Moderate to Advanced

Fitness Level: Moderate to Vigorous

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MTB 301 (Coming Soon!)

Our Advanced Mountain Bike Course is for the experienced rider who is looking to step it up to the next level. We will practice maintaining momentum through highly technical features, ratcheting, roll downs and hairpin turns. This course is hosted in Ute Valley park where we will encounter unforgettable features through a variety of terrain.

Tour Time: Approximately 2 hours

Skill Level: Advanced

Fitness Level: Vigorous

What We Bring:

  • Bike
    • 2020 Cannondale Trail equipped with front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes.
    • $10 Upgrade for a full suspension 2020 Cannondale Habit.
  • Bike Tools
    • Items necessary for making quick adjustments and repairs
  • Group First Aid Kit
    • Our instructors are Wilderness First Aid certified.
    • Your safety and well-being is our #1 priority.
  • Water
    • A complimentary PPBT water bottle to help you remember us.
  • Cycling Helmet

What You Bring:

  • Weather Appropriate Clothing
    • Activewear your comfortable working out in
    • We suggest bringing layers as Colorado weather is subject to change.
  • Close-toed Shoes
    • They don’t have to be fancy
  • An Adventurous Spirit
    • Don’t forget it 😉
  • (Any Additional Items you desire to bring may be locked in our van or carried by your instructor while on the ride.)

All-Inclusive Training Prices:

Intro To Mountain Biking

  • $85 per guest

Intermediate Mountain Biking

  • $125 per guest

Upgrades for Mountain Bike offering:

  • $10 for full suspension habit.
  • $15 for face covering buff.

We offer Personal Mountain Bike training every hour from 8 am to 5 pm every day of the week!

Intro To Mountain Biking

Our Intro To Mountain Biking Course starts at the main parking lot of Garden of the Gods. Once you enter the park off 30th Street (1805 N 30th Colorado Springs), take your first left and look for the Pikes Peak Bike Tours van. Find a parking spot nearby and head over to the van where you will meet your guide for today’s adventure.

Intermediate Mountain Biking

Our Intermediate Mountain Biking Course starts off Paseo Rd in the Parking Lot 19 at Palmer Park Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (GPS coordinates – 38.879467, -104.768519). Look for our Pikes Peak Bike Tours Van, find a parking spot nearby, and head over to the van where you will meet your guide for today’s adventure.

Our fleet of 2020 Cannondale bikes will ensure your comfort and confidence on the trail. When the ride is over, a complimentary PPBT water bottle will keep you hydrated during rides to come.