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Offering some of the most scenic views in the U.S.A., Pikes Peak has risen to become one of the top tourist destinations for bicycle enthusiasts. Whether you are new to biking or an expert, companies such as Pikes Peak Bike Tours (PPBT) in Colorado Springs can help you find the safest and most enjoyable experience during your visit.

PBBT offers guided group tours with top guides who have Wilderness Medicine First Aid (WFA) or above medical qualifications. These guides are put through stringent training and follow strict company procedures to ensure the safety of all tourists on each of the company’s tours. All tour guides are professionals and athletes that are well-accustomed to the Colorado Peaks and the distinct Colorado Springs tour areas.

We Offer World Class Service

What sets PPBT apart from other companies is our commitment to providing a world class service no matter the experience-level of tour participants. In comparison to other outfitters in Colorado Springs, PPBT provides higher quality bicycles and equipment as well full suspension upgrades such as the Cannondale Habit 6.  In order to ensure the highest quality equipment, PPBT has a fully staffed professional service shop that maintains our fleet late into the night if need be.

Depending on the group tour, PPBT provides a first-class lunch, extra amenities, and even attire for cold weather rides. There is also a professional photographer on staff to capture those special moments so that you can focus on your ride and still take something home.

Choose A Group Bike Tour and Get Close to Nature in Colorado Springs

Guided Bike Tours Colorado Springs

To get right into nature and experience the wildlife of Pikes Peak, the Pikes Peak group guided tour is your best choice. Bicyclists are taken to the top of the peaks and through the wildlife to ride with bighorn sheep and enjoy lunch on the company from one of two high-rated restaurants in Old Colorado City.

For those wanting to enjoy a Colorado mountain bike experience to the fullest, then the Bike Gold Camp is the best group tour offered by PPBT. As you glide effortlessly through the breathtaking canyon you will experience a day like no other. The Gold Camp tour is self paced and yet fully supported by professional guides. If you have any needs or wants we are there to guide you, if not the mountain is all yours. Families and large groups have particularly enjoyed this package.

The Saddle Up – Pedal Down (SUPD) guided group tour is suggested for those who would like to both ride horses and bike through the Colorado mountains. Boasted as a “wild west adventure,” the SUPD tour takes participants to the Old Stage Stables, a historic area that ran a stagecoach stop until 1910.  After an hour long out and back horse ride your professional guide will take you up the Gold Camp trailhead in which you will experience the ride of your life.

The Garden of the Gods tour is a newbie-friendly, easy-paced ride that also gives cyclists the option to use an eBike. For those who want a less stringent riding experience, Garden of the Gods guided tour takes riders through various hidden sights and even into pieces of Native American history. Cyclists can enjoy sight-seeing at their leisure and even speak with the guides about optional areas to tour.

Hop in the saddle with us for a Singletrack Experience. Our expert instructors tailor the activity based on your group’s skill level – from those who have never ridden a trail to the riders who want to enhance their mountain biking skills – we will create a memorable experience.

New for 2021

PPBT is excited to announce 4 new tours for 2021. Cog Up Pedal Down, Starlight Tour, Sightseer Multi Day Package, and the Adventure Multi Day Package.

New track, new trains, new depot, new cog. Same breathtaking experience made even better. On our Cog Up Pedal Down tour you will experience one of the most unique experiences in the country: an all-new journey to the top of Pikes Peak. Couple that with our Bike Pikes Peak Tour for the most memorable experience in Colorado!

Experience the breathtaking views of our favorite city. Our fully guided Starlight Tour begins at our shop just after dark. We will board our new Trek eBikes for a ride up Gold Camp Road. Our 2000 ft assent is aided by the powerful motors and the bright lights on our Trek eBikes.

Are you looking for the best sights in Colorado Springs? Then join us for our Sightseer Multi Day Package! Three breathtaking days in and out of the saddle with dazzling view of the Pikes Peak region. Our guides will provide you with a history filled tour that includes all the tools you will need  to ensure you have a safe and thrilling Colorado experience.

From the experienced mountain biker to the roadie who wants to discover the exciting singletrack of Colorado, the PPBT Adventure Multi Day Package is the one for you. Our guides will help you build your skills while experiencing the dazzling view of the Pikes Peak region. Our BICP certified guides grew up riding these trails and know the most invigorating lines.  Our guides will provide you with all the tools you will need  to ensure you have a safe and thrilling Colorado experience.

From single bicyclists to big groups, couples to families, professionals to beginners, Peaks Pike Bike Tours combines high-quality equipment with world-class service to provide a new experience to touring Pikes Peak in the Colorado mountains, the Colorado Springs wildlife, and even a taste of Colorado history.

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