Corporate Tours & Why Businesses Should Work with PPBT

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Pikes Peak Bike Tours (PPBT) offers a truly unique experience.  Set against the beautiful backdrop of Colorado Springs, this is a top destination for bike enthusiasts. The guides at Pikes Peak Bike Tours are highly trained athletic professionals familiar with local mountain biking areas. Combined with a commitment to excellent service and top-notch equipment, Pikes Peak delivers a one of a kind event!

Corporate Bike Tours in Colorado Springs

If you are looking for a memorable and unique outing for your company, consider a corporate tour from PPBT.  This is a great option if your business offers health incentives or if you are just looking for a different outdoor activity for your next group outing. Tours are offered year-round and pictures of your team enjoying their outing could be a unique & ideal strategy for your company marketing.

The Event Experience

PPBT truly enjoys supporting local businesses and each corporate event is customized to meet specific needs.  Tours usually include transportation to the starting location then the tour is concluded with refreshments and riders sharing the day’s experiences. For corporate outings, groups are offered their choice of the Gold Camp or the Garden of the Gods.

The Gold Camp Outing

This option caters to larger and more adventurous groups.  Guests are transported to the top of Gold Camp Road to receive their bikes, helmets, and water.  This 9-mile ride takes you through abandoned tunnels, a historic gold railway, and the terrain of the Cheyenne Canyon area.  You’ll be treated to stunning waterfall views and the overlook of Colorado Springs.  This ride through the 1800s lasts 3-5 hours and offers plenty of spots to rest and enjoy the beautiful views.

Garden of the Gods Corporate Event

If you have a smaller group that is looking for a gentler trail, the Garden of the Gods outing is a perfect option.  If you have a lot of beginners, this tour offers pedal-assist e-bikes.  Riders travel along a large loop of designated bike lanes.  The Garden, set against Pikes Peak, features some of the most striking red rock formations in the world.  The serene setting has very little changes in altitude making it easy to complete and enjoyable for novice bikers.  This is also the shorter of the tours as it can be completed in about two hours.

Team Building

PPBT corporate tours are a memorable and unique opportunity to bond with your team.  The relaxed, natural setting will let you take a break from the office and enjoy the Colorado Springs landscape.  Even if you aren’t using your corporate tour as a team building exercise it makes a big impact as an employee appreciation event.  It is likely that your team will develop further trust and a sense of working together as you complete one of these trails.  You are also creating memories and boosting morale, two things that are invaluable to a business dynamic.

No matter what size your group is, their physical condition, or bike riding experience, PPBT is sure to have the perfect match for your needs.  Contact us today to learn more about our corporate tours and the difference they can make for your business.

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