Why Using Quality Mountain Bikes Are Important On Our Gold Camp Tour & Any Other Bike Ride Tours

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Do you remember that time you spent an entire day at an amusement park riding roller coasters and the next day your body ached so bad you still felt like you were still bouncing around on the ride?

That’s exactly what using a cheap bike during a mountain bike ride will do to you — if not worse. 

We strategically and thoughtfully pick out all of our bicycles to make you, your families’, friends’, and entire groups’ experience the most enjoyable possible. 

Here are a few more reasons why using a quality mountain bike is important & some of the aspects we take into consideration when choosing a bike for our tours — specifically how we pick bikes for our Gold Camp Tour.

Why It Is Important To Use A Quality Mountain Bike

We won’t sugar coat it, “quality” mountain bikes are expensive, but your body is totally worth it. 

When you’re bouncing over rocks and winding through trails you need that extra suspension, shock, and comfortable support to enhance your experience and maintain your health. 

Overall, when you choose a cheap mountain bike you sacrifice your body and riding experience. Our top priority is for everyone to have an enjoyable experience on any ride and part of that is taking your health into consideration so that your body isn’t regretting it the next day. For this reason, we believe in picking out a quality bike that will suit you best as well as the trail you will be doing. 

Quality Mountain Bikes Increase Your Mountain Biking Experience

First and foremost, we custom pick our bikes for each trail to make sure you and your group are getting the best experience possible. Each trail is different; some trails are more rugged and rough, some more narrow with large boulders, while others are straight and narrow with gravel and branches. 

For our Gold Camp tour, we have custom picked the Cannondale Trail 5 Mountain Bike. This bike has an alloy frame. This is a quality bike feature because it makes the bike extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver.  Whether you want to try and jump over a boulder, or simply walk your bike up a hill, the alloy frame will allow you to maneuver your bike with ease and keep you from being burnt out on trying to muscle a heavy steel bike up the hill. 

The Cannondale Trail 5 Mountain Bike also has an advanced and custom SAVE micro-suspension that delivers a specialized form of control that other bikes aren’t able to do. 

By selectively picking bikes with quality suspensions we are able to provide riders with a more enjoyable riding experience. In fact, according to Robert Arnot, author of Dr. Bob Arnot’s Guide to Turning Back the Clock, he quotes a lead researcher’s findings in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to understand that mountain bikes with custom suspensions allows riders to go faster and have more control over their bike because the rider doesn’t get tired as quickly and the wheels never leave the ground, which gives the rider a sense of comfort and protection.

Although we traditionally stick with the Cannondale Trail 5 Mountain Bike, we do have an option to upgrade to the Cannondale Habit 6. The Cannondale Habit 6 is a higher quality bike than the Cannondale Trail 5 Mountain Bike, which will help make your experience that much better. Since this bike is a higher quality bike you can expect an even lighter weight, a better suspension, and an overall more comfortable ride. If you’re looking for the ultimate experience you definitely should upgrade your bike to the Cannondale Habit 6.

Using a one-size-fits-all-mountain-bike-selection approach will not only hinder your riding experience it can also leave you feeling worn out and sore after your ride. At PPBT, we put care and attention into picking quality mountain bikes to increase your tour experience with us as a whole. 

Quality Mountain Bikes Help You Feel Great

Did you know our muscles naturally absorb shock? 

If someone throws a ball at your chest, your arms catch it and the shock is absorbed through the muscles in your arms, specifically where you feel a jolt of energy going through your body. Naturally, depending on how hard the ball was thrown at you, you might feel it the next day. 

You can apply the same scenario when going mountain biking. Since your body is used to processing shocks already, a few minor shocks won’t bother it thereby making the difference of what your body will feel with a custom and quality suspension vs. one without huge. However, even with proper suspension, if you’re not used to mountain biking, you may still feel the bumps and imperfections the next day, but by using a bike with a good suspension system, you’ll provide your body a better opportunity to absorb those shocks and have a better overall experience. 

Also, the material our quality bikes are made out of makes them easy to maneuver, so you have more energy when you’re trying to ride, turn, and move the bike. 

On the Gold Camp Tour, riders are guided down a historic gold mining railway lines that allow riders to go through the Cheyenne Canyon area. On this tour, riders will ride down gravel paths, rigid trails, and through old tunnels. This is one of those bike ride tours where you will definitely want a quality bike. 

Let Us Custom Pick Your Bike For You

If you’re still a little unsure about if a quality bike will affect your mountain bike riding experience, book your spot on our Gold Camp Tour and try it for yourself. We will custom pick your bike, not only for the trail but for you as well so that not only do you have a bike that has quality characteristics but also individually fits you. 

What are you waiting for? Call us to book your Gold Camp Tour today:  (719) 337-5311

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