Looking to experience Colorado in a different way? Travelers, explorers, tourists and natives alike can attest to the beauty of Pikes Peak, however there are more ways to see this top attraction than driving up the mountain.

After waiting several years, tourists and Coloradons can finally ride The Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway! 

If you love mountain landscapes, trains, bikes and having a good time — then our new tour is for you!

What is The Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway?

You may be wondering, “what exactly is The Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway?” 

If you’re new to the Colorado Springs area, you may have not heard of the Cog Railway as it stopped running in 2017. 

However, this top Colorado Attraction has been a part of Colorado’s history for many years, taking visitors to and from Pikes Peak since it’s first ride in June of 1891.

Since closing in 2017, the Cog Railway has had a major make-over of it’s Manitou Depot, Visitor Center, tracks and cog that totaled to $100 million and is ready to start taking passengers up it’s newly improved system starting at the end of May!

Sitting at an elevation 14,115 feet, the Cog Railway is not only the highest train in the U.S., it’s also one of the two cog railroads in the country.

Pikes Peak Tour Colorado SpringsCog Up – Pedal Down

Want to experience a little bit of everything while you’re visiting Colorado Springs?

With our Cog Up – Pedal Down tour, you’ll enjoy a light breakfast before being dropped off at the Manitou Depot to start your Cog Up experience. Riding up the Cog you’ll experience the striking mountain views and extensive wildlife of elk to bighorn sheep before arriving at the summit. Once you arrive at the newly renovated summit you’ll be able to take in the 360 views, get something to eat with your group and download the new summit app to learn more about the history of the Pikes Peak region. 

This is when our Pedal Down experience starts. You will meet back up with your guides and receive instructions on how to ride your bike down Pikes Peak. Perfect for riders of any ability, our Pedal Down tour guides will be sure to make you feel comfortable and safe as you start your descent to the bottom. 

Once your ride has begun, you will bike down through eight distinct life zones, all different from the next. We will make several stops along the way to regroup and enjoy all of the spectacular scenery passing by. 

After you’ve worked your way down the mountain, you will get to enjoy a lunch with your group at one of our favorite local restaurants.

Spots are filling up so Pre-book your tour now and experience one of Colorado’s top attractions!