Explore Colorado’s Mountains on our Adventure Multi-Day Tour

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If you love mountain biking and want to explore the beautiful Colorado Springs area, you need to check out this amazing three-day Adventure Tour offering. Join licensed guides on this exciting trip through the Front Range of the Rockies and Pikes Peak Highway on a custom-fitted, mechanic-maintained rental mountain bike. You will learn key mountain biking skills, enjoy a scenic hike, and have plenty of picture-perfect views of the landscape.

The Beautiful Sites You Will See

This front range Adventure Multi-Day Tour is designed for beginner to intermediate-level mountain bikers looking for a thrill. You will bike down from the summit of Pikes Peak, follow a historic gold mining railroad, and enjoy stunning views of the Garden of the Gods. This three-day mountain biking journey is a fantastic way to experience some of Colorado’s best mountain biking areas.

Pikes Peak Summit

This unique adventure starts with a van ride to the top of Pikes Peak, where you will be able to take photos and enjoy stunning panoramic views of the area surrounding Colorado Springs. From there, you will bike down from the 14,115-foot summit, experiencing five different climatic zones on the way and stopping for plenty of photo ops. This fully-guided biking trip will be a full day, taking about seven hours, and you will love every minute of it.

Biking down Pikes Peak Highway from the summit is an amazing adventure that you will remember for years to come. You will enjoy jaw-dropping vistas of the front range’s surrounding mountain peaks and other unique geological features from the summit and many lookout points on the 19-mile trip back down the mountain.

Gold Camp Road

The Gold Camp Road route includes a little something for everyone: beautiful scenery, interesting history, and rugged landscapes for a fun mountain biking experience. This stunning bike ride is one you certainly do not want to miss. This three-hour downhill tour begins at the Pikes Peak Adventure Center, follows a historic 1800s gold mining railway, passes by a canyon wall, takes you through tunnels, and ensures excellent views of some of the best natural beauty in Colorado Springs.

The gravel biking path is accessible for beginner mountain bikers, and there is minimal elevation gain. The trip through North Cheyenne Cañon Park is about a three-hour ride and takes you around many wonders of Colorful Colorado’s wilderness. The park is home to wildlife, including black bears, mountain lions, and a number of bird species. The beautiful sandstone peaks and clay soil make this a picturesque journey for all nature lovers.

Garden of the Gods

The 1,300-acre park at the base of the National Natural Landmark, Garden of the Gods, is a wonderful place to enjoy a peaceful bike ride. There are 15 miles of trails, spots to rock climb, horseback riding, and more. Between being on an e-bike for this tour and experiencing almost no elevation gain, this ride around the Garden of the Gods Park in designated bike lanes is a relaxing treat for bikers of all skill levels.

Garden of the Gods is a popular designation for both tourists and Colorado Springs locals, and it is not hard to see why. This beloved park is home to tons of fantastic wildlife, including birds of prey, songbirds, rabbits, sheep, deers, and more. On top of so many exciting species, the park’s geological features are an amazing backdrop for any outdoor activity. The trail you’ll travel on this bike ride is one of the most popular in all of Colorado Springs, and it will surely become one of your favorites, too.

How to Prepare for the Multi-Day Tour

While the tour comes with rental mountain bikes, bottled water, and on-the-trail meals, there are a few things you need to remember to bring to ensure a wonderful trip.

Wear Warm Clothing and Rain Gear

As temperatures on mountain peaks are significantly colder than in valleys, you should always dress in summer workout clothes and bring extra layers. The summit of Pikes Peak, in particular, is usually 30 degrees colder than Colorado Springs. 

One of the essential items that you will need is gloves. Without gloves, your fingers will get very cold on the windy trip down the mountain. It is also good to bring a pair of athletic pants that can go over your shorts for a quick change in the middle of a ride. Be sure to bring a zip-up or pullover jacket, as well as a raincoat in case of precipitation.

Wear Proper Shoes

It is essential to wear comfortable and safe footwear while riding a mountain bike. Shoes should be closed-toed, athletic shoes that you can wear for long distances. Because some of the trip involves hiking, it is best to wear lightweight and waterproof hiking shoes.

Pack Sunscreen and Other Personal Items

Be sure to pack a small day bag with any medications you take, sunscreen, toiletries, and anything else you might need throughout the day. The guided tours will have snacks, water, and first aid supplies.

Talk to Your Doctor

This multi-day mountain biking tour is available for beginner to intermediate riders. There will be guidance the whole way, and the trails are relatively easy with minimal elevation gain. However, because Pikes Peak is above 14,000-feet, be sure to talk to your doctor before the trip if high altitude is a concern for you to ensure you can travel safely to the summit. You should also consult with your doctor to ensure that you are in good health for three days of mountain bike riding. If it has been a while since you have biked, you might want to try a single-day mountain biking tour first to see if this multi-day tour is a good fit.

This three-day front country tour takes you to some of Colorado Springs’ best mountain biking locations. You will enjoy guided instruction on the trail and have plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the amazing scenery. If you are looking to explore the front range and improve your mountain biking skills, this Adventure Multi-Day Tour is a must-do!