Top Corporate Activities in Colorado Springs

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Do you have important clients visiting Colorado Springs or do you want to show your team you appreciate them after such a turbulent year?

If you’re looking for a unique corporate activity to do in Colorado Springs, our corporate bike tours may be the answer for you!

Ditch the classic happy hour and meet and greets and try one of Colorado Springs top attractions. Our guides at Pikes Peak Bike Tour (PPBT) in Colorado Springs want to help get you out of your house or office and show you something unique to do with your team or potential clients in Colorado Springs.

Whether you’re looking for a customer or employee appreciation day or a team building exercise our corporate tours are one of the best activities to do in Colorado Springs and are customized to meet the needs of any business.

Corporate Group Tours in Colorado Springs

Gold Camp Tour

One of our personal favorite tours and one of the Best Outdoor Corporate activities to do in Colorado Springs is our Gold Camp Tour!

As you wind through the 9-mile ride of the Cheyenne Canyon area you will explore the historic gold mining railway, bike through the old bike tunnels, see a waterfall, stop for pictures and get magnificent views of the Colorado Springs landscape. 

Guided by our top bike tour guides, the Gold Camp tour is perfect for a larger and more adventurous crowd, though it is suitable for bikers of most levels. 

Get your corporate group together and we will shuttle everyone to the top of Gold Camp Road, from here we will distribute bikes, helmets and other essentials before we start our corporate tour. At the end of your tour, we will shuttle you all to the location of your choice for those happy hour drinks you may want!

Garden of the Gods Tour

One of our most popular and top bike tours at a top destination for anyone visiting or living in Colorado Springs, our Garden of the Gods bike tour is set to please everyone in your group!

Garden of the Gods is one of the most popular outdoor group activities and on practically everyone’s best places to visit in Colorado Springs list and is well suited for just about all groups. With the assistance of our e-bikes and only a little altitude change, this corporate tour is perfect for smaller groups who aren’t looking for a strenuous bike trip.

If you’ve ever been to Garden of the Gods, you know how hectic driving around can be. It’s hard to appreciate the beauty around you while you’re sitting in a car and someone is anxiously behind you. Our Garden of the Gods corporate tour lets you fully immerse yourself into the nature around you.

With extensive designated bike lanes, you don’t need to worry about traffic and can stop and enjoy the wonderful views around you. This corporate tour is led by two guides and circles all of Garden of the Gods. 

Don’t forget to take a little part of our corporate tour with you, at the halfway mark we will stop at the Trading Post, a “commercial center” that has different eateries, local artisan shops and more!

Corporate Bike Tours in Colorado Springs

It’s so important to show your team and your clients how much you appreciate them, and there’s no better way than with a truly unique experience of Colorado Springs!All of our tours are suited for any level, no matter the size of your group, or bike riding experience Pikes Peak Bike Tours has you covered. Schedule your corporate tour today!

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