Top Small Group Biking Tours To Do During COVID

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This summer season has been unlike any other — to say the least. With COVID restrictions still in place, five months after the pandemic started, finding things to do with a small group of friends has become challenging. 

Although being in groups has been challenging this summer, that doesn’t mean you have to limit you and your friends’ adventures. 

If you’re in or around the Colorado Springs area and love to see new places, then we have the perfect small group tours for you. 

Explore and enjoy a few hidden beautiful views from your own backyard of Colorado Springs (that you may have missed before) on one of our 3 biking group tours.

Gold Camp Road

Do you and your small group want to explore Colorado Springs from a mountain bike but at your own pace?

Then our self guided Gold Camp Mountain Biking tour is ideal for you! 

Enjoy the amazing views and wild terrains Colorado Springs has to offer as you travel through a historic 1800’s gold mining railway line that takes you throughout the Cheyenne Canyon area. 

This tour is well suited for most riders and there are numerous locations where you can take a breather, grab some water and take in the views. Enjoy the scenery at your group’s leisure, riders can take anywhere from 3-5 hours on this trip.

For a wilderness experience unlike any other in Colorado Springs, get your group together and book your trip for Gold Camp Road

Pikes Peak Bike Tour

Pikes Peak is one of the nation’s most well known mountain tops, and if you live in or near Colorado Springs, you definitely most likely have heard about Pikes Peak. 

People come from all over the U.S. to see the views from the top. But, have you ever seen the views and terrain change while riding a bike?

A small group tour down from Pikes Peak summit is set to be one of the most exhilarating experiences you’ll ever have.

Don’t worry, you’re not doing this alone! 

One of our guides will safely guide you down at a steady space, so you can enjoy some of the most magnificent views Colorado Springs has to offer.

As we work down the mountain, we will have several stops so that you and your small group can rest, take pictures and enjoy the Colorado mountain scenery.

After you’ve worked up an appetite, we will end your small group bike tour with a lunch at one of our local favorite restaurants.

Ready to have a once in a lifetime experience? Book your Pikes Peak Bike Tour today.

Garden of the Gods Tour

Much like Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods is an extremely well known destination for tourists and locals alike. 

With the multitude of cars driving through Garden of the Gods, it’s hard to take a moment and embrace nature. Our small group bike tour allows riders to fully immerse themselves within Garden of the Gods without being enclosed in a vehicle. 

There will be many opportunities to stop along the tour to take pictures and admire the scenery, but our main break will be at the Trading Post. 

The Trading Post is a small “commercial center” providing different food, and local artisan shops where you and your small group can pick up a souvenir.

With little altitude change and the help of our e-bikes pedal assist, this small group tour is suitable for all riders no matter their skill level. 

Having some of the most unique red rock formations in the world, Garden of the Gods is a must do for any small group, and when you tie in the mountain biking small group tours it’s an absolute must experience in Colorado Springs. 

Book your Garden of the Gods small group tour here.

Small Group Tours in Colorado Springs

Whether you’re visiting Colorado Springs soon or you’re a local to the Colorado Springs area, the Pikes Peak Bike Tours team is ready to welcome you and your small group and show you the magnificent views Colorado Springs has to offer.

With all of our small group tours being suitable for any rider, we know you’ll love whichever small group tour you choose!

Get out into the fresh air and enjoy nature with your family and friends, book your small group tour here.

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