The experience of riding a Colorado singletrack is like a bacon maple donut – something that you’ve always wanted to try, but you’re not sure it’s right for you, but in the end it tastes so good! At Pikes Peak Bike Tours (PPBT), we have more traditional family based bike tours that just about anyone can ride, yet many of our customers were asking for an extended experience that was more challenging, and more thrilling. With that in mind we created the Multi-day Adventure Package – a fully supported 3 day mountain bike experience. In addition to the riding, we have included lodging, breakfast, lunch and snacks on the trail. In the fall of 2020, we piloted this adventure with three flatlanders, Mike, Tony and Mac. Mike and Mac are from Iowa while Tony lives in Georgia. All avid roadies with little to no real mountain bike experience. Following the tour we took a few minutes to interview them.

PPBT: Why did you choose to ride with PPBT?

Mike: I’ve ridden road rides in Colorado and wanted something that I could not get in Iowa. I felt PPBT could give me that.

Tony: I was looking for a tour company that had outstanding reviews. PPBT had over 350 google reviews with a 4.9 rating. It’s hard to beat that.

Mac: Like Tony, I was looking for a tour company that had outstanding reviews. I saw that PPBT had over 700 reviews on TripAdvisor with nearly all of them being excellent. 

PPBT: As a roadie, why did you want to try Colorado singletrack?

Mike: I typically ride around 2000 road miles a year and I occasionally ride dirt trails in Iowa.  Although I still love the road, I wanted something different that would challenge me and build skills.

Tony: I was a triathlete but have slowed a bit in the past few years.  I also have a group of friends who ride some Georgia singletrack. I’ve ridden with them a few times and enjoyed the rides. Although a bit apprehensive, I wanted to see what Colorado has to offer.

Mac:I love the feeling of hitting the road or trail. Although I don’t track exactly how many miles I ride a year, I estimate it’s about 2500 road miles a year. I do own a hardtail (a front suspension) bike and have ridden the dirt trails in my area. The feeling on the dirt is different as the awareness level has to be higher. I backpack and hike in Colorado and I wanted to experience the trails on a bike.

PPBT: Once you arrive at the shop, what was your first impression of PPBT?

Mike: The first thing I wanted to see was the bike I was going to be riding. We upgraded to the  Full Suspension Carbon Trek Fuel Ex 9.7s. That bike was incredible. 

Tony: As I stated, I was a bit apprehensive before the trip. I called and spoke with our lead guide and was assured that I would be well cared for. Once I arrived at the shop, I felt more comfortable as I could tell it was a well organized operation.

Mac:The shop was cool, kinda trendy and the guides were all super helpful. Yet I’m with Mike, it was all about getting on that Trek for the first time. I loved that bike so much that I ordered one when I got home. 

PPBT: How did the tour start?

Mike: We were given instruction on the operations of the bike, disc braking, adjustments to the front and rear shocks and how to use the dropper post – I had never heard of a dropper post. All of this at the shop. 

Tony: Our first ride was more of a shakeout ride, nothing too challenging yet helped us get a feel of the bikes and the altitude. 

Mac: Yes we started at about 10,000 ft. I was thankful the first ride was more downhill than uphill. 

PPBT: Tell me how you liked the singletrack.

Mike: Once we hit the true singletrack, our guide Morgan was evaluating our technique. He made suggestions on how to attack the features as we rode. Remember my comment about the dropper post – it was a necessity to get the seat out of the way for the flowy downhills. 

Tony: I like riding hills so the second day was a lot of fun for me. There were many opportunities to test our skills on each day. 

Mac: I think I finally put it all together on the last day – butt down, knees and elbows out – let it rip. I absolutely loved the downhill. 

PPBT: How did the Multi Day program change you as a cyclist.

Mike:  The biggest change I have noticed is that I have a lot more confidence now on the bike and have no problem showing up for local singletrack rides now.  The skills I learned from Morgan have opened up a whole new world to me.  I feel like I am a more complete cyclist and am excited to try out my new skills on a  variety of trails.

Tony: Being someone that likes adventure, the Colorado Multi-day Adventure Package seemed like it would be a great fit for my lifestyle.  What I did not expect was how quickly my skills would grow and most importantly the guides had me riding Colorado singletrack in no time.  I learned  to navigate technical trails that I never dreamed would have been possible before doing this program.  I can’t wait to go home and try out my local trails.  

Mac: I can’t wait to get my new full suspension Trek Fuel Ex. I think I have outgrown my local trails. I guess I’ll just have to keep coming back to Colorado.

PPBT: Anything else about the trip that sticks out?

Mike:  Korde, the lead mechanic had the bikes cleaned and tuned every morning, ready for the day’s ride. I felt like I was on a new bike everyday! I look forward to getting back on the dirt!

Tony: Morgan was an incredible guide. He chose a wide variety of trails, all local to Colorado Springs, that suited our ability. Morgan picked routes to progressively build our confidence and skill level. He would hold short training sessions at strategic points during the rides to teach how to conquer rock features, switchbacks, drops, jumps and other obstacles. By the third day, our group was ripping down intermediate and advanced trails with ease. 

Mac: I realize that PPBT has been conducting tours for years but the Multi-day Adventure Package was something new – I think they nailed it. The views were incredible.  Everytime I think about it it brings a smile to my face!

If you are like Mike, Tony and Mac, it’s time for that bacon maple donut and for you to challenge yourself with something different. From the experienced mountain biker to the roadie who wants to discover the exciting singletrack of Colorado, the PPBT Multi-day Adventure Package is the one  for you. Three exhilarating days in the saddle will build your skills while experiencing the dazzling view of the Pikes Peak region. Our BICP certified guides grew up riding these trails and know the most invigorating lines.  Our guides will provide you with all the tools you will need  to ensure you have a safe and thrilling Colorado experience. 

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