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If you are looking for a fun, adventurous way to experience Colorado on your next vacation, or even if you are a local who’s never been up the mountain, Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours can provide you with an exciting option for making memories that will last a lifetime!

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Bike Garden of the Gods

Immerse Yourself in The Wondrous Garden of the Gods

Our Garden of the Gods tour package is a unique offering that is available all year round. Taking you through one of the country’s most famous parks, the bike tour allows riders to gain full exposure to the natural wonders around them.

The area is famous for the amazing array of red rock formations that dot the landscape. Made up of different sizes and shapes, these geological wonders have drawn visitors from all over the world, eager to get a glimpse of their unique beauty.

Our bike tour starts at our shop, 306 S 25th Street Colorado Springs, CO 80904. From there we will make the short ride to the entrance of Garden of the Gods.

Once fitted with your Haro eBike, your guide will begin your journey. You will power up hills with little effort, cruising past all those other visitors trapped in bumper to bumper traffic in your own designated bike lane for much of the park tour.

You will have ample opportunity to make stops to enjoy the delightful scenery and take pictures. One key stop will be about halfway along the tour at the Garden of the Gods Trading Post, where you can buy some food and pick up souvenirs.

The rest of the journey will lead you back to our shop.  This highly-rated tour is ideal for riders of any skill level and will make for a memorable excursion you will want to repeat on returning to Colorado Springs.

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Bike Pikes Peak

Make Your Pikes Peak Adventure a Memorable One!

Biking down a 14er should definitely be on your bucket list. Our tour facilitates a thrilling 7,000 feet descent from the summit of Pikes Peak. The journey begins at our shop where we load our vans with bikes and arrange for a light breakfast for our guests.

Your bike journey begins with your ascent to the summit that tops out at an exhilarating 14,115 feet. Here you can enjoy the amazing 360°views of the Pikes Peak are and take some amazing photos. We will provide you a high quality Cannondale bicycle and ensure that you are 100% ready to go before embarking upon the adventure of a lifetime. The tour is suited to riders of most abilities.

From the summit we start our descent with a professional guide at the front and van in the rear. This journey takes you through five climatic life zones so expect several stops along the way so you can acclimate and enjoy the ruggedly beautiful landscape.

As we work our way down the mountain, you will have several points of interest along the way to rest and to enjoy the scenery.

At the end of the tour you will get to enjoy a much-deserved lunch at one of our favorite local establishments.


If you have any health concerns about engaging in high altitude activities, please consult with your doctor before embarking on any tour.

Dress comfortably for biking and carry along gloves, jackets, and pants. The layers will be important for remaining comfortable in chilly conditions around the summit. Anything else we will make available to you.  It is also important that you have proper footwear. Items such as flip flops and open toe sandals are not suitable for our tours.

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Personal Mountain Bike Training

So the weather is getting nice and you’re tired of staying inside. Mountain biking is a perfect way to get a workout while enjoying the beautiful trails right here in your backyard. We understand that jumping into a new activity can be intimidating, especially when it’s mountain biking. The gear can be pricey and there’s so much to choose from, the trails get busy, and it may have been years since you’ve been on a bike. Maybe you’ve had a bit of experience and are looking for a way to help your friends or family get out there with you. No matter what your situation is, we have you covered. Our guides are here to answer all of your questions from gear selection and basic maintenance to choosing the right trails and perfecting your technique. All you have to do is show up with an adventurous spirit and we will provide the rest. Who knows? Mountain Biking may be exactly what you need this season to get your body moving and relieve a little stress.

We offer two courses.  Beginners and Intermediate.  For more information on each course click here.

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Bike Gold Camp

Follow A Historic Railway Trail Through the Colorado Wilderness

Our Bike Gold Camp package offers an opportunity to combine the wilderness experience with a tour of an 1800s locomotive railway. This historic gold mining railway line takes you through the Cheyenne Canon area. Cutting through the rugged terrain of the trail, you will get to enjoy magnificent views of the area and even bike through 4 historic railroad tunnels blasted out 130 years ago.

This tour begins at the Pikes Peak Bike Tour shop from which your guide will shuttle you to the trailhead. You will be kitted out with  high quality biking gear and provided with directions that are easy to follow. You can opt to bring along a backpack with snacks to enjoy during your descent back to the shop.

The gravel path, that was previously the railway track, is well suited for riders of any experience. It meanders around and through an astounding canyon, taking riders through stunning wild terrain. There are many spots you can stop to enjoy magnificent views of the landscape to take photos or have lunch.

Self-paced and self-guided, the tour allows guests to explore the wilderness at whatever speed they are comfortable with. Riders can take anywhere between 2-4 hours to complete their journey. Take yourself on an adventure ride filled with the beauty and remnants of a bygone era.


This tour is not on Pikes Peak.

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Saddle Up – Bike Down

Double Your Adventure As You Switch From Horse To Bike Saddle!

Our Saddle Up-Pedal Down Tour package brings together the best of Pikes Peak Bike Tours and the Old Stage Riding Stables. This partnership now offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a tour of our famed 14er in two different but equally enjoyable ways.

Starting the journey at our Pikes Peak Tour Shop, we depart at 9:30 am for the Old Stage Riding Stables. Taking in the crisp mountain air, you will begin your hour-long horseback tour up the mountain. On this guided ride you will get to enjoy the ruggedly beautiful scenery that will bring you to our Bike Gold Camp Tour drop-off point.

Here you will switch from horse saddle to bike saddle and begin a self-guided, or fully supported, tour down the mountain. We will provide you with whatever necessary gear including a bike, helmet, and water bottle. This dual package offers an exciting and extended opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural splendor of Colorado Springs.


  • We offer several pick-up and drop-off points on request.
  • The horse stables have a weight limit of 220lbs for riders.
  • The descent is as with the Gold Camp Tour, not the Pikes Peak Bike Tour.
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