Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Mountain Bikers – Over $100


Can you believe we’re already halfway through December?!

If you haven’t finished your christmas shopping yet, and are having trouble thinking of what to get your mountain-biking-aficionado loved ones, then we have you covered!

Last month we covered our top 10 gifts for mountain bikers under $100, this month we are showcasing our top 10 picks for the mountain bike enthusiast in your life that are over $100. 

Fun fact: these items are in order of increasing prices, and not in order of our favorites.

1. Five Ten Sleuth DLX Mens Mountain Bike Shoe ($100)

Five Ten Sleuth’s DLX Mens Mountain Bike Shoe are dual performance transitional mountain biking shoes. 

These shoes are not light-weight but are also designed to grip pedals. 

They not only provide comfort, but it has a weather-resistant suede on the upper part that in a place like Colorado Springs where the weather can turn on you at any point is very important.

Why do we love this item? 

Riding all day with uncomfortable shoes is one of the worst experiences. These shoes are not only extremely comfortable, but you’re sure to stay on your bike with their pedal grip.

2. Smith Venture MIPS Bike Helmet ($110)

Safety first! 

Smith Venture’s MIPS Bike Helmet offers full protection and safety so you can be sure that your loved one is safe when they’re on the trails.

This helmet provides extra protection with their back-of-head coverage and has low-friction layer slides in all directions thare 10-15mm long this helps reduce rotational motion to the brain and head during a fall.

Why do we love this item?

As a bike tour company in Colorado Springs, safety is always our main concern.

MIPS is a brain protection system — engineered to add protection to helmets

The MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS) is found inside the helmet, generally between the comfort padding and the EPS (a high-quality foam used to reduce energy).

For certain impacts, the MIPS BPS can reduce harmful forces transmitted to the brain.

3. Bontrager Ion Comp R/Flare R City Bike Light Set ($114.99)

Sticking with safety, a powerful light set will keep you seen and safe on your ride.

However, not all lights effectively do their job. The Ion Comp R is designed with great range, focus and flash so you can feel safe knowing you’re seeing from far away. 

The Ion Comp R also provides illumination to your rear as well as the front. So you’re covered no matter from what direction someone is looking at you. Lastly, no need to worry about batteries, the Ion Comp R is USB-rechargeable.

Why do we love this item?

As we’ve said, safety is always our number one priority. 

The Ion Comp R offers us peace of mind and can easily be installed onto your bike. It also has a double-click on switch to help us be able to easily turn on and off your light. This eliminates accidental wear out of the battery.

4. CushCore PRO Set ($149)

If your loved one is always pushing for the hardest and most thrill seeking ride, then the CushCore Pro is a great present!

Not just a flat tire protector, the CushCore PRO set’s foam inserts reduce vibration of the bars and stabilizes the tire against rolling and can help cut corners at high speed. 

Featuring 2 inserts and 2 valves, the CushCore PRO set is a suspension system to enhance your bike and provide a smoother ride at faster speeds.

Why do we love this item?

The CushCore Pro helps your tire perform better in cornering, protects the rim from large impacts allowing you to run lower psi, and works as a run flat if needed.

5. Bontrager Avert Mountain Bike Rain Jacket ($169.99)

Whether it’s work or riding the trails, this extra lightweight rain jacket is perfect to keep you dry from the rain.

Bontrager Avert’s Mountain Bike Rain Jacket is perfect to pack for any ride and easily stores itself in its own pocket. 

This jacket is perfect for any mountain biking enthusiast as its hood easily adjusts over the helmet. In fact, it has a boal dial to firmly keep it in place on top of your helmet.

Why do we love this item?

On top of it being lightweight (which we love, no need for extra weight!), this jacket folds in on itself!

The right pocket acts as a pouch for you to roll the jacket into when the rain has stopped. No worries of getting everything in your backpack wet. Just roll this jacket up, zip it, and stow it away for another rainy day.

6. Osprey Syncro 20 ($200)

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling your backpack and belongings get jostled around while trying to enjoy a ride.

The Osprey Syncro 20 allows you to bring everything you need on a ride while taking the weight off of your shoulders. 

How do they do this? Well the Syncro 20’s shoulder straps are shaped like wings to comfortably fit the natural curve that your body makes when your hands are placed on your handlebars. 

Don’t want to take off your backpack with a pool of sweat underneath you? The Syncro 20 also has a tensioned mesh AirSpeed back panel that provides ventilation so you can feel comfortable.

Why do we love this item?

This is the ultimate all day or guide pack. 

When you’re riding all day long it’s important to take all the things you might need. This pack has plenty of room for layers gear, first aid kit, and water. It also comes with its own waterproof covering to keep your gear dry in bad weather. For a long bike ride you’ll need to stay hydrated and this pack has a 2.5 liter water capacity, all the water you need for a 30+ mile trek into the backcountry. All while keeping your gear from bouncing around on your back.


No matter what skill level of mountain biker you’re purchasing this for, the ShockWiz is perfect for any and all terrains and/or unique rider styles. 

An automated suspension tuning device the ShockWiz uses an intuitive smartphone app to provide tuning recommendations, air pressure, compression and more. 

The app automatically records suspension performance on every ride you take. It then analyzes the data and shows you adjustments that will help have a smoother ride on whichever trail you’re on.

Why do we love this item?

We love that this is an easy to use tool no matter what level rider you are. The shock wiz helps mitigate the hassle of you trying to figure out how to get your shocks feeling just the way you want. 

8. Dropper Seatpost ($329.99)

Some people love the descent and some love the climb. For those who love the climb, descent, or both, the Dropper Seatpost is the perfect gift.

The Line Elite Dropper requires 20% less saddle force and has length options ranging from 100mm to 170 mm ensuring compatibility for any ride.

Plus a 30 day money back guarantee, means there’s no risk!

Why do we love this item?

Not every ride has a shuttle to the top. This dropper seatpost makes biking easier and allows you to get to the top of the trail easily.

9. Rooftop tent ($900)

Have a loved one that is the definition of “adventure junkie?”

We’re talking, drive into the woods for days at a time and find a rugged trail to explore on their mountain bike. Someone who just wants to get away from their daily life and get lost with their mountain bike. During these adventures they have to have somewhere to sleep, which is why they need this rooftop tent!

Lightweight and designed to fit most any vehicle and rack system, the Raptor Series Tent has a large living area with built-in pockets and places to hang gear. 

Keep your loved one protected from the elements while they enjoy all their favorite camping spots and views.

Why do we love this item?

This rooftop tent is lightweight and consists of a simple and affordable design — as far as rooftop tents go. For those who love adventure and getting away from the chaos of everyday lives, this tent offers protection while still showcasing panoramic views.

10. Garmin fēnix 6X – Pro Solar Edition ($999)

Who doesn’t love a good watch? And even more so when it has the capabilities to do so many things!

Whether it’s music, hydration tracking, heart rate tracking or maps this watch is perfect for everything from any mountain bike adventure to the traditional daily life events. 

However, for those mountain bike enthusiasts, in particular, the MTB (mountain biking) dynamics is one of the coolest features this watch has to offer. The Garmin Fenix 6X tracks your trail rate difficulty, how smoothly you rode, and even gives you a score to challenge you next time.

What’s even better? This watch is a solar charging watch meaning you can take it on the trails and not worry it will die. In fact, you can get up to 24 days of life!

Why do we love this item?

The Garmin Fenix 6x is the “does everything” watch. It is literally for anything outdoors. 

One of our favorite parts of the X line is it allows the user to have multiple map layers at a time to include customized and 3rd party maps. This is great for scouting those uncommon-rugged-rough-ridden trails or the areas that lack defined trail systems.

Of course, one of the many reasons we love this watch is it’s solar charged. Meaning if you’re stranded or forgot to charge your watch no harm no foul mother nature will take care of that for you. 

We personally love being able to navigate while having real time feedback of our performance as athletes. We can even watch our vo2 and heart rate to ensure we’re not burning ourselves out!

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Christmas Gifts Colorado SpringsIf you’re buying a gift for someone who maybe still needs advice or tips on mountain biking, then our mountain bike lessons in Colorado Springs are the perfect gift!

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