The 10 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers Under $100 For Christmas

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Are you trying to shop for any of your mountain biking friends or loved ones, but have no idea what to get them? 

As much as we all love the holidays, it’s too often a very stressful experience as we scour the internet and stores for presents.

Start wrapping up your christmas presents early this year with our top 10 best gifts for mountain bike enthusiasts that are ALL under $100!

Please note, these items are in order of increasing price.

Mechanix Wear Gloves

Whether your loved one is a beginner or advanced mountain biker, they should always have a nice pair of gloves. Our personal favorite is the Mechanix Wear Gloves. 

Tested for over 25 years, these gloves have a smooth surface thumb and index finger that allow for the perfect mix of dexterity and durability. 

As a plus these gloves are built with a carbon-infused touchscreen capable, synthetic leather  and breathable TrekDry®. Making them the perfect glove for those who are on the go.

Why do we love this item?

At the affordable price of $15 the Mechanix Wear Gloves are tough to beat, not only for the value, but for the durability as well. 

If you’re looking to give someone gloves that will keep them warm during the colder days here in Colorado Springs while still allowing optimal dexterity, then these are the gloves they’ve been looking for.


If your loved one uses tubeless tires, then the DART Tool ($25) is perfect for them. 

Are you sitting there thinking well “what are tubeless tires?” We’ve got you covered. Tubeless tires were supposed to be the “cure” for flats and though they have significantly reduced the number of flats that occur, that doesn’t mean that flats don’t happen. 

The DART tool plugs holes by instantly sealing flat to prevent the tear or puncture from becoming a bigger problem.

Why do we love this item?

The last thing anyone wants when they’re out enjoying any mountain bike ride is a flat. 

The DART Tool solves punctures and tears in tires that will not seal back up by conforming to the puncture and bonding it with sealant. Thus, eliminating needing to put a tube in. Not only does it make your life simpler, but it’s also easily stored!

Ultra Light Camp Chair 

Not every ride has to be a sprint. Sometimes part of the adventure is enjoying where you end up. For these moments the Ultra Light Camp Chair ($35) is perfect. 

Weighing only 2.3 pounds (so light that it could be picked up with a finger!) this camp chair is perfect to pack for a day full of riding. 

Now, don’t think that because this chair is light it’s not durable, in fact, it can hold up 250 lbs!

Why do we love this item?

A perfect chair to relax on during not only biking, but any activity. It compares well to other chairs that cost upwards to $100. 

A good, comfortable chair is always a good thing to have in the mountains.

Fatty Stripper The Works Set

As we mentioned above, tubeless tires have seen an increase in popularity in recent years to avoid flats, but how do you convert your fat wheels to tubeless?

Our next top gift for mountain bikers is Fatty Stripper’s “The Works Set”. This is an easy, lightweight and reliable way to convert your wheels to tubeless tires!

For $38, this set contains everything you need to convert your fat tires to tubeless tires:

  • 2 pairs of FattyStripper RimStrips
  • 1 pair of tubeless valves
  • 1 pair of 3M BlingStrips

Why do we love this item?

Of all of the tools we’ve used, the Fatty Stripper The Works Set is the easiest most reliable way to convert any fat bike to tubeless. Plus, for $38 it’s hard to come by something better!

Bontrager Pro Multi-Tool

For any beginner or experienced biker, having the ability to make road or trail side adjustments and fixes is incredibly important.

The Bontrager Pro Multi-Tool ($42.99) has 15 integrated tools packed in a slim and easy-to-carry design. Tools inside the Bontrager include an array of hex, torx, spoke, screwdrivers and more. 

Why do we love this item?

Our favorite part about this tool is it’s size. When someone is out mountain biking, the last thing they want is a heavy overfilled bag. This tool is not only small but extremely functional. Everyone should have one in the bag.

Be at ease of mind knowing your loved one is safe and get them back on the road with the Bontrager Pro Multi-Tool!

Crankbrothers Stamp 1

Something many mountain bikers may not consider, especially when they’re starting out is the quality of their pedals. 

The Crank Brothers Stamp Pedals ($49.99) are pro-level concave platform pedals that offer 2 different sizes to better fit on the individual rider’s foot. 

These pedals also have 10 adjustable pins per side so that the rider is able to further customize it for their personal feel and grip liking. 

Why do we love this item?

Our team at Pikes Peak Bike Tours always takes the time to fit each of our riders with the right bike height, gear, etc. in order to personalize the trip as much as possible, which is why we believe that the more customized your gear is the better experience you’ll have. 

These pedals are not only customizable they’re also incredibly grippy, reliable, durable. All the things that we look for in a great pedal.

Dynaplug Racer

Another great option for flats is the Dynaplug Racer ($51).

Unlike the DART Tool that uses a sealant to bond to the tire, the Dynaplug Racer is more of a “conventional plug” with two different sides to insert into the tire to close up the plug. On one side the Dynaplug Racer has a fat plug and a smaller plug on the other end. This ensures that no matter the issue they can cover it. 

Why do we love this?

The Dynaplug Racer is a US made product and helps you fix a puncture in just a few minutes! Not only is the Dynaplug racer simple to use, but it also easily fits in a jersey pocket.

Chuckbucket Handlebar Snack Bag

Who doesn’t need a good snack while they ride? We know we do!

The Chuckbucket Handler Snack Bag ($55) is made from random colored fabric, webbing, and hook loop. All bags are guaranteed to be ONE OF A KIND! 

One of the best features on these bags is their accessibility. They have a structured bucket top to keep the bags open and if you need it closed it’s easy to do with one hand.

Why do we love this item?

Though these bags may be made from different fabric scraps, they’re quality fabric and materials. These bags are hand sewn in Colorado and fit 10+ candy bars – what more could you want out of a bag?

Osprey Savu Fanny Pack

Does your loved one or friend hate taking a backpack with them? For the mountain biker minimalist the Osprey Savu Fanny Pack ($55) is the perfect holiday gift!

This fanny pack holds two water bottles and makes pulling out a water bottle convenient so there’s need to stop to stay hydrated.

Don’t need two water bottles? No problem, the water bottle sleeve can be tucked away for an even more minimal look. 

The main compartment on the fanny pack is also very sleek and can fit fixing tools such as a plug or multi-tool mentioned above, snacks, keys and more.

Why do we love it?

We love giving and receiving gifts that have more than one purpose and the best part about this fanny pack is its versatility. Going on a hike? This fanny pack can fit all of the things you’d want. 

Plus, despite its sleek and small appearance it can actually fit quite a bit. Some members of our team at Pikes Peak Bike Tours have fit an emergency rain jacket, a long sleeve as well as a small first aid kit!

DAKINE Session 8L Backpack 

A great bag for riders of all levels and skills, the DAKINE Session 8L Backpack ($89.95) is perfect to carry all the essentials for any ride. 

Whether it’s an intense ride or a thrill seeking downhill ride, this backpack has any rider covered. Fill it up to max capacity and this backpack holds enough water for cross-country rides or leave room and it will be perfect for a lighter ride.

Not only does this backpack allow for up to 8 liters of water it’s also hands-free drinking so there’s no need to stop to hydrate. 

Why do we love this item?

We love to be prepared for any situation and this backpack offers the room and comfort to bring everything needed. 

The organizers inside offer up space for essentials such as plugs, tools, extra tubes, first aid kits, and more. While the air mesh traps allow us to not sweat through all of our clothes on those hot days here in Colorado Springs.

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